CISC activities: past and future

CISC is a dynamic club, always adapting to the interests of the CISC community. We encourage you to share your interests, passions, and hobbies with the CISC community. It could be any activity that you enjoy and in any concept that suits you the best.

All ideas are warmly welcome. There are no rules, constraints, or obligations: just enjoyable time! The activity will be organized according to your availability and preferences: we are here to help you organize it.


- It could be in any format you prefer:

- in-person

- hybrid

- through Zoom.

- It could be:

- a one-time gathering held at any time that suits you the best

- regular gatherings organized on a weekly or monthly basis at any time that suits you the best

- sessional gatherings 


Share your idea with Karla: we are here to help you.


To get more inspiration, here are the CISC activities that were regularly held in the past. Contact us if you are interested in re-starting any of them.

  • Book Cracker

  • Capoeira Group

  • CISC Talks

  • Everyday Science for Kids

  • Photo Group

  • Pilates Group

  • Toddlers and Minis Group

  • Zumba Group