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Produce Garden - Cooking Group

Hello chefs and green thumbs! We are starting to get our produce garden for cooking group up and running! All produce grown will be cooked and shared in CISC cooking group events.


If you would like to get involved with helping to care for the garden (watering, weeding), please contact Anushree to be added to a watering schedule, or join one of our weeding or harvesting events that I will advertise periodically over the summer.

** Just a heads up! There is no place for kids to play and we are by 2 busy roads

so children present will have to be watched closely**


There are some golden rules we have put together for the garden, as we are sharing this space with the rest of the Caltech community.

1) Be respectful. Don't touch produce from other plots.

2) Bring a buddy if/when attending the garden, it's a pretty secluded area.

3) Wear gloves when gardening to protect against sharps and stinging insects.

4) Return all borrowed community equipment to the sheds after use.

5) Pesticides/non-organic amendments cannot be used in the garden.

6) Have fun - it's an experiment - let's see what happens!


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