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The services CISC offers to members are based on the availability of those able to volunteer. We are always looking for members who are keen to share their time, skills and interests with others.


Consider volunteering with us! How, when and how often is up to you, depending on your availability, skills and interests. Some activities require ongoing commitment while others can be occasionally or for only one event. Some benefits of volunteering include:


  • Making new friends

  • Practising your skills

  • Sharing your interests and knowledge

  • Creating rewarding activities and projects

  • Being part of enjoyable experiences

  • Contributing to a community and helping others

  • Learning new skills (including improving your English through working with others)

  • Help with your job search.


Be creative and come up with your own way to contribute to our community!


Don’t worry, you will never be alone. There will always be other volunteers able to help or answer any questions you have about volunteering. Register your interests with us here to get more information.



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