Special Events

Please check our CISC members' Weekly Newsletter for details of the following events: 


International Food Fair of Caltech World Fest  (April, Annually)

The Food Fair is a great occasion to discover and try food from all over the world! Every year, our members decide on dishes and prepare them together and serve them at the fair. 


Club Barbecue Party (Summer/Fall, Annually)

This is an occasion to meet lots of other members and their families, as well as our benefactor Dr Piko, around BBQ meat and potluck dishes. 


Dessert Night at International Students Orientation (Beginning of Fall Semester, Annually)

One or two of our members will prepare a dessert from their country and we serve it at the event to students and families. 


Club Potluck Parties (Seasonal)

Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter... every season is an occasion! In addition to the Summer BBQ, we usually have a Christmas party, a Spring potluck and a Halloween costume party or a Thanksgiving potluck.  Come meet your fellow members and enjoy wonderful dishes from all over the world!


Welcome Tea (Every Semester)

This is one of the most popular occasional CISC events which is jointly hosted by International Offices. The event welcomes newcomers. Current members also have a chance to get together and socialization. 


Others : baby showers, birthday parties, farewell parties, lunch outings...

As long as there are volunteers to host, any event is possible.  Please contact us if you would like to host an event and invite other members.